Accomodating management style

Don't abandon conflict; pursue it to resolution "4. An African martyr's statement on commitment Mission trip fund raising10 ways to ruin mission trips Nazarene Missions International resource pages Tweet "1. Don't exaggerate conflict; solve it with the least possible publicity and public scrutiny "3.They do this by making sure that their team members understand the organization's purpose, and by involving them in determining production needs.

In this article, we look at the Blake Mouton Managerial Grid, a popular framework for thinking about a leader's "task versus person" orientation.

Also known as the Managerial Grid, or Leadership Grid, it was developed in the early 1960s by management theorists Robert Blake and Jane Mouton.

According to the Blake Mouton model, Team management is the most effective leadership style.

It reflects a leader who is passionate about his work and who does the best he can for the people he works with.

A manager who believes people are self-motivated and happy to work is said to follow Theory Y.

You can learn more about these theories in our article, Theory X and Theory Y.

The result is that his team will likely deliver only mediocre performance.

The Country Club or "accommodating" style of manager is most concerned about her team members' needs and feelings.

It plots a manager's or leader's degree of task-centeredness versus her person-centeredness, and identifies five different combinations of the two and the leadership styles they produce.

The Blake Mouton Managerial Grid is based on two behavioral dimensions: The Leadership Grid® figure from Leadership Dilemmas – Grid Solutions by Robert R. Houston: Gulf Publishing Company, Copyright 1991 by Grid International, Inc. The Impoverished or "indifferent" manager is mostly ineffective.

When you recruit a new team member, what's your priority?