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“We can now provision new instances in minutes, as opposed to the hours it used to take.” Macmillan Learning is also able to scale elastically based on time of year.“We can right-size the Launchpad architecture using AWS, which gives us the elasticity to support peak usage during the school year and scale capacity down during the summer or when students are on holiday breaks,” Lessanu says.

Macmillan Learning also relies on AWS Direct Connect for a dedicated Gigabit network connection from the company’s data center to AWS.

“We still have some on-premises legacy applications and authentication servers, so Direct Connect helps mitigate any risks between the cloud and the data center,” says Lessanu.

“We have peak times during the school year when more students access our application, but to meet that need, we had to provision for full capacity 24/7 in the data center,” says Kate Geraghty, vice president of communications for Macmillan Learning.

“We wanted the ability to rapidly scale the application down during breaks in the school year.” To meet its need for scalability, agility, and elasticity, Macmillan Learning made the decision to move Launchpad to the cloud.

“We definitely have plans to use more and more of the AWS ecosystem for analytics and other business requirements,” Lessanu says.

We are all familiar with "non-verbal communication," but few professionals have been specifically trained to look for deficits in this area.“Using AWS, we have on-demand capacity for Launchpad.We can easily scale the application to support the exponential user growth we are witnessing each academic year,” says Lessanu.The company provides educators with tailored solutions designed to inspire student curiosity and measure progress.Macmillan Learning’s flagship digital courseware, Launch Pad, is an application educators can use and customize to achieve their specific course objectives to facilitate student learning.AWS suggested Relus, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.