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Relationships that are primarily personal can only produce disappointment for your people in the long run and make you much less effective. Think of your people one by one and ask, “If his performance slipped and didn’t improve, would I be able to terminate him?

If she made repeated serious mistakes in spite of careful coaching, could I cut back her responsibilities or tell her she won’t get a raise?

Relationships that are personal can only produce disappointment in the long run.

Friends accept each other as they are Friends don’t actively evaluate and try to change each other.They certainly don’t make their friendship contingent on such change.That’s not, however, what drives the boss–subordinate relationship. If something prevents a direct report from doing his or her job, then the relationship must end.Friends are equals Bosses and direct reports are not equals inside the organization.As a manager, all your relationships should be bounded and defined.

They’re not about liking, chemistry, or personality.You won’t be able to make tough but necessary people decisions or evaluate people accurately and give critical but helpful feedback.If you try to stay on good terms with everyone, you’ll make exceptions for individuals that others consider undeserved or unfair.Friends don’t check up on each other all the time Managers continually press their people to report on progress, evaluate themselves, and commit to future results.Friends do have expectations of each other, but they’re mutual, not one sided, and less demanding.In a word, the boss–subordinate relationship is another paradox, one of the most profound you will encounter as a boss.