Naughty chatting robot Access 2016 multiple users updating database

I am working in Access 2016 and I have a from that the user can select the training type the want to run the report on.All trainings has an option value of 1, Bloodborne has an option value of 2 and ...

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So I have this code in VBA that uses a third party COM class to add a record to a database Function Add Patient To Dolphin(ID As String, Last Name As String, First Name As String) On Error Go To Catch Error ...I have two tables and a report which needs updating from a form called "Account Transaction". In essence I'm trying to create an order entry form.I use MS Access 2007 and I want to create a relationship from a foreign key of a table to the primary key of itself.I was wondering if this relationship can be created at the "Relationships" window ...Problem is that in my country (Italy) decimal point is comma, and when I take decimal value from textbook, it stores with point (ex. I'm a little stuck on some work here for my final high school assessment.

The task is essentially to make a database handling movie information.

Right click on the "Logins" folder and choose "New Login..." 4.

Add the users name in the format "Domain\User Name".

Each day, a mining project will send data from their mine and mill.

The data is made up of 3 sets of readings: what they ...

I have a table named All users which holds all users and the sum of their access to a system.