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Many, many plaintiffs in the cases against Rip Off Report below made the mistake of accusing Rip Off Report of posting defamatory content. Isn’t That Exactly What Rip Off Report is Accused of Doing? But thanks to a law known as The Communications Decency Act (“CDA,” 47 USC 230), Rip Off Report cannot be sued for posting defamatory content written solely by its users.It's a different story for content that it creates.

The unresolved question for courts is where the line is between creating and editing.

A certain amount of editing (for spelling, grammar) would not cause a website owner to lose immunity.

Rip Off Report claims never to have lost a lawsuit. If there is truth in the allegations, then how is the system going wrong?

Is it true that Rip Off Report has never lost a lawsuit? Why can’t Rip Off Report be held responsible for its conduct?

There are a lot of reasons for why Rip Off Report has "never lost a case." First, Rip Off Report has had pretty good success in getting cases alleging mere defamation dismissed immediately. Second, Rip Off Report sometimes has failed to appear to defend a lawsuit against them.

When this happens, a default judgment is entered against Rip Off Report.

In fact, I have at least seventeen listed in the Appendix at the end of this post.

Despite the ubiquitous outcry against Rip Off Report, it appears to have survived most of the legal challenges unscathed, leaving it free to carry on business as usual.

Without the CDA, SEOmoz would either have to independently review and investigate the accuracy of every comment posted to the site, or simply refuse to have any third party content altogether. Thus, SEOmoz is responsible for everything contained in this post.

However, SEOmoz is not responsible for your comments. ) ⇒ Website Owners Risk Losing Immunity When They Alter, Develop, Collaborate, or Change User-Generated Content It makes intuitive sense that when a website owner starts to change user-generated content, he should no longer be allowed to throw up his hands and claim no responsibility for the content.

It’s entirely possible that significant amounts of cash changed hands and we will never know about it.