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The text clearly explains and weaves together the tax laws, regulations, rulings and court decisions – teaching you their correct application in actual practice.Illuminating comments point out scores of practical tax-saving methods and ideas for every type of tax situation.

For the benefit of those students who wish to take the IRS EA Special Enrollment Examination, this tax course comes with a copy of past available Examination with Solutions.

Even if you do not intend to take the examination and although the IRS has implemented changes to the current year’s exam, you’ll find the questions and answers valuable as a review aid and excellent opportunity for additional practice.

And they have a difficult job to do because they must provide a reasonable mechanism for taxing arrangements between parties that can be far from off-the-rack.

It should not be difficult to figure out how to tax two individuals who contribute equal amounts of cash to start a joint business in which each will own a one-half interest.

This logical presentation helps you gain a full understanding and adds “life” and interest to the subject.

You’ll also appreciate the added background material throughout the text that provides you with the reasons behind many provisions of the tax law.As a graduate, you are entitled to our Consultation and Advisory Service for one year following the date of your enrollment in the tax course.You may request at any time, consultation, expert advice and guidance on matters affecting the establishment and operation of your tax practice.Sound and timely ways to save income taxes are pointed out throughout the course-wherever applicable.These pointers alert you to the many ways that business and personal transactions can be arranged to get a money-saving tax result.Such ability and resourcefulness is vital to the tax man who has his sights set high.