A girls guide to dating a geek book who is lance stephenson dating

I feel like there is usually a correlation between geekiness and self-deprecation.

But in chapters like “Selecting Your Character”, where it dives into the different kinds of geeks (I’m a TV & Film Geek, Internet Geek, Social Media Geek, and Book Geek) and what skills they possess (for me that’s the wide-open mind, empathic sensor, and minutia recall), it shows you how you also possess desirable qualities.

Geeks of all ages will find answers to the ultimate questions of life, the universe, and everything romantic, from First Contact to The Fellowship of the Ring and beyond.

I guess the biggest weakness of The Geek’s Guide to Dating is that it really could have used another editing round.There were quite a few glaring grammatical errors – sentences where words were just plain missing as a result of revising and rewriting…What I mean is that the realms of science fiction and fantasy have a philosophical history of humanism, of treating people justly and right, and of individuals rising up to challenge the perceived injustices of their kingdom/galaxy/whatever.And that right now, our often insular and esoteric culture of geekdom is so frequently plagued by cosplay creeps, disrespect, and bigotry.Life won't just push you together like on the televisions, you need a guidebook.

You need is a hilarious primer, jam-packed with cheat codes, walkthroughs, and power-ups for navigating the perils and pitfalls of your love life with ease.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that, by comparison, by Eric Smith is the worst dating/self-help book ever written because it is so genuinely delightful without being at all presumptuous.

In fact, it’s so spot-on and utterly enjoyable that I think it should be up there with Please don’t take that to mean that I think this book is brilliant, revolutionary, and/or mindblowing-ly imaginative. And of course it’s non-fiction, which already makes it a strange and unfair comparison to those aforementioned tomes.

The book may be a bit guy-oriented, admittedly, but I didn’t mind that very much.

Much like Smith’s note on this at the beginning of the book says, a lot of the theories are just as applicable to girls.

And I was mostly in it for the humor and entertainment.