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Rather than using up-and-down motions, consider moving your toy from side to side. If you’re used to moving at a certain pace, consider changing your speed or practicing edging, the act of taking breaks throughout the masturbation process.

Though you may not get the same immediate rush that you do from your tried-and-true methods, you just might discover a new and surprising way to pleasure yourself.

The old adage is true, however: it’s important to “use it” so as not to “lose it! Whether you’re dating, single, or in a relationship, masturbation remains one of the best and most pleasurable ways to maintain good sexual health.

If you’re single, regular masturbation will keep you healthy and sexually engaged until you meet someone new.

Even if you have a partner, medical issues or mismatched libidos may make masturbation an appealing or necessary alternative to traditional intercourse.

Additionally, solo sex can help you discover the practices that bring you increased physical pleasure and lead to more fulfilling orgasms.

Instead of doing what you always do, challenge yourself to use your hands, props, or toys in other ways.

Instead of using your pointer finger, use your ring finger.

In many cases, just getting started may be enough to eliminate the mental, physical, and emotional roadblocks that seem to be standing in your way.

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