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A room can go for hundreds of dollars for the night in these situations. Room was twenty feet so at ten foot I put up a thin sheetrock walk all the way to the ceiling. Taped and mudded it to perfection so it looked solid.I had been planning on this for years literally as a way to get my life going and get enough money to get out of Mormon town. Painted it with matched paint from a chip off the original wall.I was always worried he'd surprise me passed out with my pants down around my knees and my eye pressed against the hole in the floor.

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Have any of you guys and girls ever heard your neighbor have sex?My house is very close to my neighbors house and our windows aren't far away either.She would leave her windows cracked open on occasion and would have some loud sex with her ex. to someone for a short time and, I caught them filming a porno in the back yard.I watched from behind the curtains as the guy filmed the girl wearing only a button up men's shirt in different poses exposing herself to the camera.On the attic my neighbor had a tv room with a huge couch, know this after helping him with the satellite dish he installed.

I could hear them walking up the stairs and her wearing heels because of the clicking, then found out the attic was not as good isolated as the rest of the house was and with the open roof windows i could hear them clearly talking. He hired a prostitute for sex and making pictures, so i could hear him comment on her body like "squeeze that big tits" or "spread that hot pussy". After a while i heard him saying he was going to fuck her hard and the noise began.

I lived in the cheap attic upstairs and rented out the room downstairs.

I was starting to drink a lot and it seemed like a good idea to start drilling holes.

Even then I just looked at them like they were mentally ill and walked off. You can get away with playing stupid people till you find someone that isn't a moron.

I hadn't counted on someone working for Boeing designing advanced fighter aircraft staying at my place .

When rebuilding the bathroom and storing the new parts in my bedroom i slept on the attic for a few weeks.