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The furnishings represent the c1900 era but are mostly modern reproductions. Hand-painted tiles make an interesting floor pattern. Looking quite ancient but made from 1948 to 1977, their dark stained Tudor furniture is attractive.

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There is, of course, nothing wrong with buying an assembled kit; it is just that you want to know what you are getting and how this might affect the price (very costly if a "real" 1880 dollhouse and very reasonable if from 1980 kit).It is equally difficult to distinguish a piece of furniture made from a kit when looking at a photograph but quite apparent when holding it in your hands.But now I have someone care about me and look out for my well being as much as I do for her — this is much more than we both hoped for!We recommend you give this site a go — even if you don't find your soulmate, you will have a great deal of fun here!Once the house is assembled and painted -- and the decor will vary from house to house as the owner's individual taste dictates -- its origins are not always apparent, especially if the house has been roughly played with or left outdoors for a period of time.

Appearing older because of harsh handling instead of showing a patina acquired over 70 to 100 years, it may enter the realm of the fake -- sometimes due to lack of knowledge on the seller's part.

One bought the furnishings and accessories in sets. The kitchen and bathroom pieces were well designed, very modern, with working doors and rivalled the quality of The Great Room with its high sloped ceiling and skylight was dominated by an exposed stone fireplace.

Sectional couches, glass topped coffee and occasional tables, stereo, earphones, bookcase and television created a setting for comfortable casual living in the late 20th century.

demonstrated the successful application of plastic to simulate wood and other materials.

The combination of natural wood vertical siding, expansive shingled roof with skylights, massive stone chimney, generous windows, split levels and stucco finish echoed many features identified with contemporary houses () from a box holding the bar unit, no bathroom is shown.

It is possible that the basic moulds for the metal stoves date from the mid to late 1930s with the casting of the manufacturer's name changing over time.