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Some cotton gift ideas you could include are: cotton shirts, cotton socks, cotton pajamas, cotton scented candle, and cotton candy!When it comes to anniversary gifts by year, these cotton socks are a great cotton anniversary gift, but these matching His and Hers Sole Mate sock sets are just PERFECT!Here’s a little sneak peek at the three printable gift ideas you’ll find inside including: an Anniversary Picture Frame, 365 Days of Love Traditional Paper Gift, and a Book of Love to chronicle your first year of marriage.

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– Going with the traditional gift of paper, create a personalized photo calendar for your spouse.Even better, write in and highlight the special and significant days that you’ve shared together on the calendar.Create a mixed CD of your favorite love songs that remind you of your relationship.But to go with your first anniversary paper gift, make the CD sleeve out of paper.You can even personalize with a date, your names, or a message.

These sharpie scripted pillows would make the perfect DIY second anniversary gift on cotton pillow cases.

Here’s a cotton anniversary gift your spouse is guaranteed to love!

Grab the Game of Love, a sexy bedroom board game that’s printed on a COTTON fitted bed sheet!

This post even has some EXTRA printables to go with it!

Here’s another fun idea along the same lines, put together a cotton-themed gift basket.

Then why not make an Exploding Love Box out of paper to celebrate your paper anniversary?